EL:  “God” (mighty, strong, prominent) 

JEHOVAH: “I AM WHO I AM”                                    

JEHOVAH-JIREH: “The Lord will Provide.”

EL SHADDAI: God Almighty or “God All Sufficient.”

YESHUA: “Savior” (he will save)

MELEKH:  “King”

JEHOVAH-ROPHE: “The Lord Who Heals”


“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. . .” is the opening line of a creation poem recorded in the Bible’s first book: Genesis. This God, which the book of Genesis speaks of, is deeply interested in the wellbeing of his created beings, and even more so in His relationship with them. To assist these people, in the beginning, He lays down some principals or rules by which He created all things to operate.
To make His own joy complete, God also created these beings to have free will, so that they may choose to adore Him rather than love Him out of automata (like a robot). God took this risk, knowing that they would have the ability to not choose to love Him as well. It quickly became very clear that man would almost always choose himself over God, and no person was able, or willing, to return God’s love to the degree and in the manner which God loved them. This truth was validated by the consistent nature of men to rebel against God’s authority and began with the first man, Adam. Adam (whose name means: Man) was assisted in this rebellion by a prideful being set against God. We often refer to this being as Satan. Although God tolerates this beings open rebellion against Him in order to sift out those who truly love Him and those that do not, “Satan” stands judged and condemned for his crime of luring men away from the love of God.
The problem for mankind is that it also stands in rebellion against God. Because God created all things, God is the only perfectly existing, understanding, and loving being; it is Gods DNA to be perfect. Anything that is not perfect is incompatible with God and He is unable to tolerate its presence. Its like trying to mix oil and water. Because of this His nature, He is unable to co-exist in the same place as imperfection and is compelled to destroy it. The problem: mankind is imperfect and proved it by immediately choosing to disobey God and to choose not to love him through their disobedience.
But because God was not ok with watching His beloved creations destroy themselves, He decided to show them mercy, remedy their imperfection, and reveal himself in such a way that they could get to know Him. He did this by sending a part of Himself to earth in the form of a human. This man, who we call Jesus of Nazareth, was entirely God, but was also entirely human. Jesus came to teach mankind what it looked like to Love God and to live perfectly.
In Gods creation, there exists a certain “law of nature” which states that if something perfect dies in the place of something imperfect, the imperfect being will be considered perfect by God. This is exactly what Jesus did. Essentially, God became a human being so that He could save mankind by being perfect, and then dying for us so that we could be seen as perfect. Moreover, He offered this as a free gift if only we will develop a relationship with Him built on intimacy and faithfulness. His offer: Don’t love yourself or anything else more than Me, and I will rescue you from your imperfection. Don’t be fooled, this does not inconvenience God. It brings Him great joy to reconcile mankind’s relationship with himself, and to continue to reveal Himself to us and love us. God wishes that you would simply love Him, trust Him, and prove your trust by obeying Him.

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